Benefits of Outsourcing Your Website Design

Author - Tim Weber, GoWebLive.com

Are you thinking of competing online and increasing your market share? Wondering if you should get your website designed in-house or outsource web design from a professional web development company? 

These are some of the questions that will pop in your mind and trouble you especially if you are a small business owner with a limited budget. Many new business owners get their website designed in house from IT professionals who lack experience and expertise or settle for a do it yourself website.

From a myopic perspective this seems to be a good idea to save the hefty upfront cost of hiring a design company. However, from the long-term perspective this is not as brilliant of an idea as it seems. A poor web design ruins your business for potential customers. It makes them question your business legitimacy.

Nail Bitting Truth

According to 2012 internet statistics, there are 2.4 billion internet users worldwide, 634 million websites and 34% of the former made online purchases during the year using their smart phones.

Did you know 57% consumers, who use mobile web, don’t recommend a business with an amateurish looking site and 40% go to your competitor’s site after a bad experience?

As a business owner, these facts are no less than a revelation as they indicate the need to get a cutting edge and a professional website design outsourced. A responsive, highly functional and a user-friendly website can hold its own against millions of websites on the internet; you don’t want your business to go unnoticed, do you?

Benefits of Outsourcing

Web development companies have a team of highly skilled designers. Using their years of hands on industry experience, profound knowledge and expertise they can design for you a visually appealing site that is compatible on all browsers, functional on smart phones and easy to navigate. Such a site can help engage audiences and convert leads into sales thus resulting in revenue for your business.

A responsive site is a need of the hour to ensure you don’t lose your business to your competitors. According to the mobile commerce shopping statistics, in 2012 $8billion worth of purchases were made by consumers in the US through their smart phones. Furthermore, 71% of smart phone users search for products online, 82% notice mobile ads and 74% make purchases as a result.

To bank on this opportunity outsourcing your website’s design can really help. Professional web designers have immaculate expertise to design sites that are functional on mobile platforms. With such business websites, you can retain and gain customers on the go without losing them to your rivals.

As discussed earlier, many business owners believe that in-house web design is cost effective as compared to outsourcing. However, this notion is wrong! When you outsource design, you only pay for the project cost while if you do the job in-house, you incur a bigger cost as you have to pay salary to the designer, purchase necessary technology and maintain it. Thus outsourcing the design helps you enjoy zero set up cost.

Hiring a professional website design company for the services ensures you that your project is in good hands. These companies have manpower as well as state-of-the-art technology that is used to offer top quality designs that keep your traffic glued to their screens.

If you are looking for creativity and unbiased design ideas then outsourcing works best. Designers outside your company can bring better ideas to the table as they are abreast with the design industry, competition and latest website design trends. They have better exposure of the competitive web design and development environment.

With the help of their knowledge and industry trends, they can design a search engine and user friendly site that mirrors your brand identity seamlessly, conveys your marketing message creatively and boosts your SEO ranking to enhance your online visibility.

So, stop compromising on your business sales, make a smart decision now!

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