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Brochure Design

Communicate your unique message to your target demographic.



We Create Brochures That Resonate With Your Clients

Brochures are a very effective way of advertising. They have the potential to create awareness and persuade potential business customers to avail the services or purchase products of a company. Go Web Live is a brochure designing firm that is based in Cleveland, OH. We are a one-stop shop for all your brochure designing needs. Our services include photography, in-house copywriting, and designing of creative brochures that creates an impact or instills curiosity in readers to learn more about your products and services.

Brochures That Tell Your Story

Brochures are powerful tools for advertisement because they help companies get recognition among their target market. GoWebLive offers unique custom brochure designs that are highly professional and exclusive.

Besides that, we also offer advice on the kind of photographs that will correctly portray your message to your audience.

Moreover, we will assist you in planning your entire brochure including the amount of text that would be most effective to get your message across to your potential clients.

Our team of experts will be glad to work with you on your branding message and will create a perfect corporate brochure that reaches out to your target market.

You Get Personal Attention!

Our brochure designers will meet you in person to gain an overall idea and insight about your company from your viewpoint. They will discuss every detail with you and try to find out the goals you are trying to achieve through your brochure.

Every company has a unique corporate identity which they would like their brochure to reflect. We will design your brochure in a way that it will effectively portray your corporate identity and will also speak out your marketing message strongly.

Our team of experts will focus on your target market by understanding the unique features and USPs (unique selling points) of your products and services.

This will help design a brochure that truly reflects your business.

Print Projects
two sided flyertri-fold brocuretri-fold brocure

The deadlines of the project will be discussed and a proper timeline will be sketched to give an idea of how much time each process will take. Finally, once our team has fully understood the order, you will get a quote that will cover the entire cost of the project. Our prices are highly affordable and that is why many small companies prefer to utilize our services for print advertising.

Smart. Simple. Effective. Affordable.
So how do we start? No-brainer we provide a free consultation of your project - website, brochure, copy, photography, logo or graphics and work with you to develop a strategic design plan for your company’s design project. Don’t worry; we will help guide you through each step of the way via meetings, phone calls, emails and questions. Becoming "King of the Jungle" is a big ambition and we are here & ready to help.