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Hello! My name is June Scharf, I'm a independent professional content writer for all platforms. Search engine's primary focus is content & with great content you can rule the Digital Turf!

SEO Content Writing for Web Pages

There is more to improved search engine ranking and target lead generation than just a well-designed website. To increase the stickiness of your website, rank in the top searches for your industry results and improve your online visibility, fresh and SEO content writing is crucial.

Your business site is a living entity on the web. Every content update that you make to your site once it goes ‘Live’ plays a critical part in the interaction with your target audience, customers and the search engines. If you frequently upload high quality and fresh content that is search engine optimized, search engine bots will love you. We don’t say this, facts and statistics do! Take a look:

A website’s crawlability is important to ensure its searchability. For example, Googlebot, which is the search bot for Google, crawls through different websites and adds them to the index. However, here, it is important to note that it only crawls through those web pages that are consistently updated with fresh and search engine optimized content. New and high quality content gains the attention of the crawler which improves the site’s page ranking in the SERPs and gains more leads. This means if you want to create a powerful online presence, you need to invest in a proactive content writing campaign to regularly and consistently create fresh content.

Search Engine Optimized Content is a Lethal Combo

Besides this, pushing out new content is also important because Google now follows the Caffeine web indexing infrastructure. This is a search algorithm that shows fresher search results. It is larger than Google’s Panda Update that only impacted 12 percent of the searches as the Caffeine web indexing infrastructure impacts nearly 35 percent of the searches.

Fresh and search engine optimized content is a lethal combo that can help you spear through the page ranking and list your site in the top SERPs. By creating keyword rich content, you can easily match your content to what users are looking for in their search queries. Did you know that general searching is the number 1 driver of web traffic, crushing social media by 300 percent?

And apart from this, keywords are ranked high on the algorithm-chart for both indexing and search engine ranking. Simply stated, if you optimize the fresh content posted with industry relevant keywords, you can easily improve your site ranking and attract targeted leads to your website. And if the content is of high quality and is engaging, it is bound to stir excitement and prompt site users to take desired actions. So, let’s just say it’s win-win all the way. With all that, how can you not rule the turf? Think about it?

Fresh Optimized Content

When it comes to producing fresh, high quality and keyword optimized content regularly, GoWebLive is the preferred choice of online businesses across industries. We specialize in content writing Cleveland including SEO content writing, article writing, Facebook post writing, press release and blog writing. We have been in this business for years now, and we know exactly how it works and what exactly works. We can help you create high quality, original, new and SEO-friendly content for your business website.

At GoWebLive, we have a team of highly-skilled, experienced and creative content writers who have the passion to write and are abreast with the latest search engine algorithms. We can provide you with content that creative and unique and more importantly, optimized for the most relevant keyword searches for your industry. We can help you boost your web ranking on all popular search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and etc.

How We Work at GoWebLive?

We first carefully understand your project details. Based on that, we start weaving content. We use SEO data and analytical tools to search for and select industry relevant and most searched keywords and then use them creatively in your content. They not only look natural in the content we produce but also help you dramatically improved your site ranking.

We work with you meticulously and keep you updated throughout the process. Our team first sends you a rough draft for your approval and once you give us a heads up, we start creating all your required content. Our team makes sure that the content is aligned with your brand image and matches with your brand’s voice flawlessly. The content we generate is engaging, informational and compelling. We make sure it is loved by both your readers and search engines.

All the content that we create is 100% unique and original,
-free from plagiarism-
because we understand the damage plagiarized content can do to your business, web ranking and company reputation.

At GoWebLive, we strive to provide you with the best services for content writing, Cleveland at the most competitive prices. Our SEO content writing service charges are very economical.

Our Content Writing Service Charges

At GoWebLive, we strive to provide you with the best services for content writing, Cleveland at the most competitive prices. Our SEO content writing service charges are very economical.

Custom Post Content

It takes us 4 business days to complete an order of 1 blog post that’s 500 to 2,000 words.

Lower Rates Available With Quantity


Up to 500 words

Custom SEO Web Copy

This practice has a positive effect on your SEO rankings. It allows you to increase web traffic through keyword relevancy and other effective content marketing strategies.

Lower Rates Available With Quantity


Up to 500 words

Custom Article

Content is king, and to rank higher on search engine pages like Google, you need to have relevant and original content for your website. They can write creative, engaging, and relevant web articles for your business without neglecting SEO requirements.

Lower Rates Available With Quantity


Up to 500 words

We, at GoWebLive, only use white hat SEO techniques and ensure that the keywords used match the density requirement. We do not promote or practice black hat SEO techniques or keyword stuffing. That’s just against our principles.

We are in the business to build long-term partnerships, and this is evident from the fact that we offer unlimited revisions. You can get your content revised until you are fully satisfied, and we promise you that we’ll do it with a smile, always.

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