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How does GoWebLive drive traffic to my website?

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The first steps to build opportunity and a doorway to success with the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) requires two main things: we ensure your web pages are set up correctly, both as regards to the coding and SEO content. This is often called "on-site optimization” and includes things like ensuring that each page has the right heading use, descriptions, meta-data, and more, which is invisible information about the page, indexed by the search engines. We include "Kick-Start" our on-site optimization into every site we create.

We also include things like ensuring the page has a responsive design that is mobile-friendly, and is using an SSL certificate, because if those things are not in place, the page will be penalized by the search engines. This on-site optimization ensures that the pages have the potential to do well with the search engines, but realize that there are 1.7 billion websites and to achieve great rankings in Google search results requires something else that is needed:  

Kick-Start is the Starting Point

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Our Kick-start, on-site optimization, gets you on the path for ranking on its own is typically not enough due to the competitive nature of the internet with over 1.7 billion websites, so we offer Off-site SEO to insure you "Become the King of the Internet Jungle" for your keywords you want first page results for.

Off-Site Promotion Necessity

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Your website needs to be promoted. We then create a link popularity building strategy from sites that are already doing well with the search engines. When we talk of link popularity, we mean quality links. Good inbound links can easily boost your SEO ranking and drive heavy web traffic to your official website.

Both Are Essential To Build A Door To Opportunity


Sound SEO To Promote Your Business Search Engine Optimization

The proper usage of search engine optimization, which consist of on-site and off-site promotion, on the internet is known as SEO. Your search engine optimization compatibility is, in a way, your inbound marketing because it can increase your inquiries for sales of your goods and services. More than 8 out of 10 Internet users look on search engines to find information and the products or services they want to buy.

Since the internet is a vast pool of knowledge, almost every individual search the internet before proceeding to make a purchase for goods and services. Your ranking position determines how often you will show up in a user’s search results and off-site search engine optimization is key to ranking on the first page of the search results.

All successful businesses know the value of producing SEO content that reaches its target audience over the internet. Entire businesses depend upon the ability of search engine optimization on the internet to reach more customers and revenue. However, ranking is subject to many variables such as importance, relevance, content, site traffic, and site management, date of the web site, links, technical aspects, number of pages and many other factors. If this has just muddled up your head, do not fret.

GoWebLive specializes in providing sound SEO (search engine optimization) worthy data that will be sure to raise your rankings.

Off-Site Optimization, Your Ticket for Attracting More Customers
SEO - Organic Search Results

SEO attracts more customers

Why should you consider Search Engine Optimization? It is simple, over 85% of business's search, the internet, prior to making a purchase for goods and services. Consider search engine optimization as your inbound marketing and your goal is to get the more potential clients to view your website and become customers.

Without a good SEO Plan, your website can be at a standstill on the racing internet highway, with your customers speeding to your competition's website instead of your website, because your competition's site has a higher search engine page ranking or visibility.

GoWebLive SEO Plans can improve your website rankings with a marketing plan that takes advantage of SEO - Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective and cheapest ways of marketing your products and services. With GoWebLive Search Engine Optimization, you could be tripling the amount of web traffic and business from your website in matter of few months.

Even the best website is useless if it does not reach its target audience. Web optimization (SEO) and promotion will help you reach your goals, whether they consist of selling products, impressing potential clients, or gaining more traffic. We Create a custom website SEO Promotion Plan tailored for each website that is certain to get results.

Is SEO better than Pay-Per-click (PPC)?

Both strategies are result-driven if they are used the right way and at the right time. The method that is best for you predominantly depends on a variety of factors such as your industry, competition, target market, and brand positioning. As industry experts, we believe that if your business model allows you, it is a good practice to leverage both SEO and PPC strategies to get the best results. This means to run a paid ad while optimizing your business campaign organically.

Did you know that:
• Google drives 94 percent of total organic web traffic
• Organic SEO techniques and PPC ads when combined get an average of 25 percent more clicks and acquire 27 percent more profits in comparison to those who focus on one technique

The importance and power of SEO and PPC combined can’t be overlooked or underestimated. These strategies, when combined, can help you target audience and generate leads to your site with greater business visibility and higher ranking.

Remember, up for grabs is a page one listing on Google. There are only a limited number of spots available to you, 8 to 10 listings. It is a race to get one before your competitors do.

The Result Increased customer traffic, leads, and sales. There is no better way to engage your target demographic than through GoWebLive! marketing promotions.

Search Statistics You Should Know

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