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Author - Tim Weber, GoWebLive.com

As the online world is becoming more competitive, businesses need to focus on their search engine optimization strategies to achieve high ranking on the web. One of the popular SEO strategies is the link popularity building strategy.

Link popularity focuses on creating relevant and quality inbound links that lead to your business website. However, this creates a number of keyword spamming links. Such links will never bring you the desired results.

When we talk of link popularity we mean quality links. Good inbound links can easily boost your SEO ranking and drive heavy web traffic to your official website.

If you are looking for building quality links here are some strategies that you can opt for:


This is one of the most common and widely used strategies when it comes to link building popularity. It helps you drive traffic to your website through other websites. However, you need to be careful of the business website you select exchange links for. Settling for a willy-nilly, poor quality site is not a good tactic. It will only bring irrelevant traffic and will also make your site lose its credibility. If customers are directed from a quality site to your official site, it will help make a better impression on potential customers.

Also poor linkage is not good for your search engine ranking either. Therefore, always select quality and relevant sites to exchange links with because this is what matters to the search engine. Another strategy for exchanging links is to find non-competitive sites that are from the same field. These can serve as strong endorsements to your site.


By writing quality and original blogs and articles and incorporating links in the content, you can attract target audience to your website and convert them into sales.


If there is any news related to your company or site that can create a buzz, write a press release for it and distribute it on the web. For example PR Web is a brilliant website where you can post press releases to increase your links’ popularity. Using such websites you can create a link back to your site and attract the intended target audience.


Another way to ensure link popularity is to start affiliate programs. You can pay marketers to divert targeted web traffic to your site. Affiliates simply create inbound links of your site on their web pages or blogs.


You can also use directories for building link popularity. A quality link from a reputable and major directory has more credibility as compared to links found on irrelevant websites. Some directories charge registration fee while others don’t. Here are some examples of popular directories: open directory, zeal.com, yahoo, Joeant.com and LookSmart.

You should focus on creating inbound links as link analysis is also an essential part of search engine ranking algorithm. In addition to increasing your site ranking, through link popularity you can get your site indexed with search engines. Once your site gets indexed, it will catch your regular site updates and help you get more exposure.

All popular search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo give prominence to quality link building. However, there is one thing you need to remember and ensure and that is that the links should be of good quality. If you don’t focus on quality and just keep on creating spam links, it will not improve your SEO ranking; in fact according to the new algorithm updates by Google Panda you will be penalized for this act and your site will be ignored by search engine spiders which will be damaging for your business.

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