Elements of a Good Web Hosting Plan

Author - Tim Weber, GoWebLive.com

Today competition has surpassed the local territory and gone global. Be it a small or a large business, strong online presence has become essential for business success. The need for online business presence has opened doors for web hosting companies. With time, several hosting companies have mushroomed offering businesses services to run their website online through the host’s server.

As there are so many site hosting providers on the market, for business owners new to the online world, it has become difficult to choose a reliable host. Since they don’t have adequate understanding of the elements that make a good web hosting plan, they end up making a poor selection.

The deciding factor of a site hosting plan for many business owners is usually the price. The lower the price, the more alluring it is. It’s important to understand that price is one of the many elements of a web hosting plan, but making it a deciding factor is not wise.


Here are some elements you need to look out for when searching for a good hosting plan:


Every organization strives for business growth. Look for a hosting package that offers unlimited disk space feature so that you can easily upload new web pages without any hassle.


Unlimited bandwidth is one of the key elements of a good hosting plan. This feature enables your users to access your website quickly without waiting for it to load. If you don’t have an unlimited bandwidth feature plan, your site may be difficult to open if the other sites on the server get more web traffic then you do.

But the important thing that you need to note here is that many hosting service providers claim unlimited bandwidth but they have their own definition of it. So, before you get a package with this feature always make sure it has no restrictions on the bandwidth you use.


If your business requires you to send and receive email, then a package with free email accounts could be a good one. It enables you to create email accounts and use them as per your business needs.


Choose a package that offers an easy control panel. With an easy control panel you can upload web pages easily without any difficulty.


Look for a hosting service provider that offers customers 99.9% server uptime. Server uptime means your website run time. A 99.9% server uptime means it will be running practically all the time which means your customers can access it anytime they want.


Round the clock customer support is an important element to look for in the hosting company you are choosing the package from. This is because if you encounter a problem while uploading content on your e-commerce website you can easily get in touch with a technical support staff representative, to get the problem resolved in time without any delay. A poor technical support service provider will take hours to fix the problem which can be frustrating for you.

A word of Advice - Before you sign up for a web hosting plan, always go through the contract terms and condition. Look out for any hidden clauses or terms. Also pay heed to things like hidden fees, cancellation fees and limits on features.

Once you’ve read the terms and conditions, and you are fully satisfied with the elements in the hosting plan, sign up for it!

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