Profiting from an Online Business Presence

Author - Tim Weber, GoWebLive.com

Wake up small business owners, its 2013, and if you are still not online, then you are at a high risk of losing your business to your competitor.

The internet has surpassed all geographical and time boundaries because of which businesses are facing difficulty competing on local grounds; in fact competition across industry verticals is now on a global level. If you don’t strive to compete with competitors worldwide, you will never be able to achieve your corporate goals especially if you desire to take the lead in your industry.

According to a study conducted by ACNielsen, 51% of small businesses believe that they witnessed increase in profits after creating an online business presence. 58% of businesses believe that online presence has increased their global outreach and market share. While 15% feel that having a website is necessary for business survival.

After looking at these statistics, you must have realized the need to go online. But if you are wondering how they profit from online business presence then don’t worry. Read on and find out the endless benefits of an online business presence:


Marketing plays a vital role in the contribution of your business success. Even the best of products are wiped out of the market if they are not promoted aggressively and smartly. Setting a budget for advertising and marketing is often the hardest for businesses as it usually exceeds the forecasted amount.

However, businesses competing online in this regard have an edge. Online businesses can promote their business and products easily on the web without incurring high advertisement costs. Internet promotion is cheaper, reduces advertising cost significantly and has a better reach.


With approximately 634 million websites being searched by search engine spiders, you need to have a strong online presence to generate leads and convert them into business sales. The best way to increase business profitability through your online presence is to create a SEO friendly site. An SEO friendly website can easily increase your search engine visibility and boost your ranking. According to studies most internet users only scroll through the first 2 search engine pages.

Therefore an SEO site that is visible on the first two pages can help you attract a high percentage of web traffic. If your website is easy to navigate and visually attractive users will be more willing to buy your products or services.

Furthermore, the studies from the US Commerce Department and Comscore, Inc show that in 2011 $255,600,000,000 sales were made online while in 2012 only in the first quarter approximately $50,270,000,000 sales were carried out. These striking statistics depict that businesses can boost their profitability if they make the most of the internet as a strong business platform.


Online business presence offers long term benefits. An impactful business website including the design, usability and content makes a long lasting impression on potential customers. It encourages customers to try your product and services and if you have as good services as you claim on your website, then you can increase your customer base in no time.

Moreover businesses online have a larger global outreach which if businesses benefit from wisely, can build long-term relationships with customers globally which in the corporate world means long-term profitability.


As discussed earlier, many business owners believe that in-house web design is cost effective as compared to outsourcing. However, this notion is wrong! When you outsource design, you only pay for the project cost while if you do the job in-house, you incur a bigger cost as you have to pay salary to the designer, purchase necessary technology and maintain it. Thus outsourcing the design helps you enjoy zero set up cost.

Statistics show that 73% of users prefer to shop online because it’s not time consuming, 59% believe it is easy to compare prices and 58% feel it is more convenient as it spares them from the hassle of shopping in a crowd.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your business online and enjoy from the profit driving opportunity right away!

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