Website Design Tips For 2013

Author - Tim Weber, GoWebLive.com

Do you know that 51 million websites were launched on the internet in 2012? And there are about 634 million websites? With so much competition on the web, what are you doing to make your website grab the attention of your target audience?

In the race of competing with businesses online, many companies launch their websites in a rut and when they measure their site’s performance they wonder where did they go wrong and why their website fails to generate sales?

The reason is that 7/10 companies fail to keep in mind the basic website design principles. So, if you are also planning to launch your website in 2013, then here are some basic web design tips you need to focus on to ensure your site is a money maker for you!


So we are in 2013; let’s face it, with time things are changing at the speed of light! Who would have thought that businesses would be capturing sales through mobile platforms?

According to m-commerce shopping statistics, in 2012, $8billion worth of retail purchases were made by the consumers in the US via smart phones.

Furthermore the statistics depict that 71% used mobile platforms to search for products online, 82% noticed mobile ads and 74 percent made purchases as a result.

A Study by IBM depicted that 24% of consumers accessed online shopping web pages through their smart phones on Black Friday in 2012 and 16.3% Black Friday sales were made via smart phones.

These may seem numbers to many but if you are a business owner this is an opportunity for you to bank on. This means you need to ensure and convey to your web development company that your site needs to be responsive and mobile compatible.


Another basic design tip for this year is keeping it short and simple. From the typography to the fonts and pay layout, everything needs to be simple and crisp. This will lead to short page load time. Your load time should be not more than 2 seconds. With time and everything just a click away, internet users have become more impatient. If your website looks cluttered, has too much text and flash displays and takes ages to load, then the user is likely to say goodbye to you and say hello to your competitor. To avoid this situation KISS principle is a must!


This was introduced by Apple Inc when they released the iPhone 4. The retina screens are becoming popular and are expected to raise the bar of website designs this year. These screens are twice as dense as the LCD. This gives you a pixel perfect website and an outstanding display.


This tip can never get old! When designing a website, you need to select colors cleverly. We suggest sticking to your company’s brand colors as it helps display your brand image more convincingly to your audience.


If you are hiring a professional and an experienced design development company then they would definitely be equipped with cutting-edge web technology. If yes, then you can ask the designer to showcase his creatively by using graphics and illustrations to convey your brand message. With the help of the advance technology, they can design websites that are graphically rich yet have short load time.

Graphically rich websites are advisable for businesses that are offering services and products that demand creativity like logo design companies, animation companies and greeting cards companies.

As for service providers like lawyers, real estate brokers and resource providing companies, simple websites are better. However, you can use graphics for call to action. Like a phone graphic with your telephone number.

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