Whether or Not to Use Flash in Website Designs?

Author - Tim Weber, GoWebLive.com

When it comes to Flash website designs, it is like a ‘love and hate’ debate. Some people praise Flash designs and incorporate it in their websites while others strictly avoid it. So, if you are also getting your website designed and confused whether to use Flash design or not, then continue reading. This article will give you a good insight on the pros and cons of the argument to help you make a wise design decision.

Flash designs were introduced in 1996. However, even then many people criticized this innovation. It took a few years for the Flash designs to get its due recognition. People began to accept such websites when web designers started using Flash frequently. Flash was used as a tool for adding tutorials on business websites, videos and other attention grabbing features to keep the users hooked.

This brings us to the pros of using Flash designs.


No design application can beat Flash design when it comes to animation. If you want to create a highly engaging animated website then Flash design is for you. This design is suitable for businesses in the gaming industry or businesses that want to upload informative videos on their website and create interactive websites.


98% of the web browsers support Flash designs. This means if you create a Flash based site, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility. As it works independently on operating systems and web browsers it can be viewed correctly on all browsers.


As Flash designs are interactive and engaging it makes a great impression on the viewer. It catches the eye the moment the visitor lands on the website. It looks far better than static text websites.


If you have an intention of uploading videos on your business website, then Flash design is suitable for you. It requires no OS-dependent plugin like Media Player or Quick Time.

For example if you are running an online university and you want to upload a video of how working adults can pursue online education and acquire advance degrees, then Flash design would be good for your business as it will support your educational videos easily.

Now the real question is, if Flash design offers so many benefits to the user, then why do many businesses avoid using it?


If the Flash design is not optimized properly, it can have a long load time which is frustrating for visitors. And today everything is a click away. If the site takes too much load them, then the visitors are likely to bounce from the site and close the window which means losing your potential customers


Though Flash website designs are compatible on almost all web browsers, they still have issues when it comes to mobile platforms. The recent studies show that there are 1.3 billion smart phone users, 13% internet traffic is generated through mobile platforms and $8 billion worth of retail purchases were made through smart phones.

Now if the Flash design is not compatible with mobile platforms, this means your potential and regular customers will not be able to access your site on the go on their smart phones which means they will opt for your competitor who has a mobile friendly website which ultimately means losing potential customers, sales and business.

Therefore to avoid losing customers, it’s better to avoid Flash designs and stick to a design that can be easily accessible on the smart phone.


Many business owners avoid incorporating Flash in their web designs because it cannot be tracked by the search engine spiders. They only read HTML Links which Flash is not. This makes it difficult for the website to get a good site ranking and companies have to work twice as hard to increase their search engine optimization.

So, choose your design decision wisely and one that you think will work best for your business!

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